CKA SAVE Project


A Message from the Dr. Keith Adams

Greetings and Salutations,

My name is Dr. Keith Adams and I am the President of the CKA SAVE Project. On behalf of our Board of Directors I want to thank you for visiting our website, we are happy you are here and hope you enjoy our time together.

Our organizational vision is to use the combination of academics and athletics as a catalyst to lifelong success. Our mission is to assist student-athletes and the people who work with them through educational and professional development. Our primary student focus is to help them improve their time management and organizational skills, along with their individual and collective ability to self-advocate in terms of their individual and collective needs. Our primary educational focus is to implement our organizational concept of teaching with an “Athletic Mindset” which focuses on high levels of communication, collaboration, and accountability from everyone involved in a student-athletes life.

Since 2009, we have provided student-athletes and educators from across the country the opportunity to come together and interact through the mediums of both academics and athletics. However, we know that none of our endeavors are possible without the support of people like you. Through your donations we have been able to continue our work and will be able to do so for years to come. Please consider donating to our organization, so that we can continue to support student-athletes.

In closing, I again want to thank you for visiting our website, please follow me on twitter @ckasaveproject. Thank you.

What people are saying about Dr. Adams and the CKA SAVE Project, Inc.

“There is no greater responsibility in life than to help others. Keith Adams and the CKA SAVE Project embody this ideal. His efforts have and will continue to have a positive impact on the young people he works with. His devotion to helping students is a shining example to all of us as to what can be accomplished when you make a total commitment to doing the right thing.”

Jim Larranaga Head Basketball University of Miami
2006 Final Four Coach & 2013 National Coach of the Year

“There’s a responsibility to being a student athlete and the CKA SAVE Project provides a way for student-athletes to be the role model not only while in the game, but also in their daily lives.”

Cheryl Williams
CKA Board of Directors

“I support the CKA SAVE Project because I believe in Coach Adams. He has always put our academic pursuits ahead of our athletic goals, and it shows in the success his student-athletes have had both on and off the court. I hope you can support the CKA SAVE Project as well.”

Folarin Campbell
Professional Basketball Player

“Dr. Adams was the content expert that I needed during my dissertation journey. He answered questions and provided directives while writing. He also provided personal anecdotes and suggestions during the times I struggled. He provides a professional and academic atmosphere that made me feel comfortable to ask for help. I would highly recommend doctoral students to work with him.”

Dr. Sarah Cox
Secondary Educator
Women’s Basketball Coach:

“Dr. Keith Adams was an integral member of my dissertation committee. Dr. Adams’ expertise in the inner workings of collegiate student athletes, but also his depth of knowledge associated with the NCAA made him the perfect content expert for my research on NCAA Division III student athletes. Given the unique culture of collegiate student athletes, it was critical to have a committee member who understood the various dynamics that impact student athletes. Dr. Adams not only contributed his extensive knowledge on this subject matter, but also his support in the overall dissertation process. I am both happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Adams as he has helped me to become the researcher I am today.”

Dr. Jessica Flayer
Licensed Professional Counselor