CKA Organizational Services

The CKA SAVE Project is an industry leader in advocating for student-athlete academic and athletic needs. Through academic and athletic enrichment, the CKA SAVE Project is on the forefront of the issues facing 21st century student-athletes. As student-athletes continue to struggle to find a better balance between academic and athletic success, the CKA SAVE Project offers academic and athletic services to support student-athlete academic success.

Why should students use the CKA SAVE Project Academic and Athletic Consulting Services?

Over the past 15-20 years colleges, universities, professional sports teams, business organizations, and others have increased their use of consulting services to improve their decision-making processes and results. Over the same time the academic and academic landscape changed for high school and college student-athletes as the NCAA has raised initial academic eligibility requirements for student-athletes while decreasing the number of transfer restrictions. Former college student-athletes have noted that they were academic and athletically underprepared for the rigors of college. Let the CKA SAVE Project’s close to 30 years of academic and athletic experience help guide student-athletes to increased success as we work to help student-athletes achieve the goal of obtaining a college degree.

CKA SAVE Project Find the Balance Services

Academic Skills Assessment $75

Description: Our Academic Skills Assessment evaluates student-athletes academic performance and potential. The CKA SAVE Project gives student-athletes a multitude of academic assessments to evaluate their academic performance and potential. Once completed the CKA SAVE Project’s team of Academic Success Coaches meet with the student-athlete and provides an in-depth breakdown of their academic strengths and weaknesses along with suggestions for improvement.

Academic and Athletic Consulting $75

Description: Our Academic and Athletic Consulting Services assists student-athletes with the college decision-making process. The CKA Team of former high school and college coaches can provide student-athletes an independent assessment of their academic and athletic skills to assist student-athletes in their college decision-making process. Let the CKA team evaluate your academic and athletic ability to assist you in finding the right “fit” for your academic and athletic career.

Academic Monitoring $75 per Marking Period $125 per Semester $200 per Year

Description: Our Academic Monitoring Services provides ongoing academic support on an ongoing basis for student-athletes. The CKA SAVE Project provides academic monitoring for a marking period, a semester or an entire academic year for student-athletes. Our Academic Success Coaches work with student-athletes on time management and organizational skills, along with improving their ability to self-advocate. Every few weeks, our Academic Success Coaches meet individually with student-athletes to assess their academic progress as well as provide ongoing academic advising. If needed, student-athletes have access to CKA Learning Specialists who provide virtual core subject academic support for student-athletes.

CKA Workshops $250 per session

Description: The CKA SAVE Project offers a number of virtual and in-person workshops designed to assist student-athletes with developing transitional and transferable skills as they prepare for college athletics. Previous workshops topics include: Improving Time Management and Organizational Skills, Staying CONNECTED through Virtual and Hybrid Learning, Developing Recruiting Strategies. In addition, custom presentations can be created to focus on any specific organizational need.